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Address: Wenling industrial, Wenling town, Changle City, Fujian province,China


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About us

Changle Tongxin Knitting & Textile Co.,Ltd.

1). Leading manufacturer of Warp Knit Mesh Fabrics in China;
2). 5 standard workshops;
3). 10 years manufacturing experience;
4). 20 metric tons daily output;
5). 100 whole sets first class machines, HKS-2, HKS-3 FROM Karl Mayer, HKS, etc.;
6). Above 2,00 staff members;
7). Over 500 popular patterns, hot selling in domestic and overseas;
40,000sqm land area, 30,000sqm construction area; 

9). Professional test center with Self-contained Lab;
10). Materials Eco-friendly , passed SGS, RoHs, etc.